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Coaching is a powerful partnership with someone whose only agenda is to hold you to your highest potential. A coach can help you set and manage goals, discover your life’s purpose or calling – support you in achieving a mission and strategize with you about mapping about the best possible course of action for your dreams and your goals.

You can scroll down this page to view categories of TYPES of coaches or use the link below to view all the coaches listed here. Many offer sliding scale rates for military-connected. Some offer pro-bono – ALL  support the notion of helping military-connected individuals live a life of dignity and satisfaction. Coaching in an investment on both the part of the client and the coach  yet the returns can be ten-fold…

If you have a chance, even a minute, to decide to work with a coach ( I worked with Jessi), take it. It is worth 10 times the cost.  I can clearly say that this time spent was just the right intensity, and may be the most impactful investment that I have made. ”  T.S. Navy Veteran

life and career coaching

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  • Clarity in Career Goals
  • Improved Interpersonal/communication skills
  • Mastery of Personal Brand
  • Concise Career Roadmap
  • Improved Confidence
  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Management of Resume and Online Profiles
  • Interviewing Mastery
  • Improved goal setting
  • Building of sustainable success
  • Career alignment tools

*Coaching is not therapy and is not training. It is an experience of growth, guidance and empowerment.

***BlueRio Strategies and Hawk Eye Coaches for Veterans do not assume responsibility for quality of services from the listed below, nor do we endorse any individual coach. Many of the coaches below, however, have been trained in the highly regarded Hawk Eye Coach process.



Dan Fardella, RRT/Ph.D,  CVDC

Serving New York and FLA (USAF Veteran)

Lori Luna, CVDC

Free coaching for Camp Lejeune/New River area active duty, veterans and family members

Venancio Marrero, CVDC

Serving the Raleigh Metro, North Carolina area.

Kay Sanders – The Jump Start Coach

Certified Coach & Best-Selling Author
Put yourself on my calendar

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915-216-2743 or 915-345-9670
Patricia Poertner, BCC

Patricia Poertner is a Board Certified Coach, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and a National Certified Counselor. Additionally, she is a certified leadership feedback specialist for the Executive Development Center at Bradley University, Peoria, Il. Patricia enjoys working individually with clients and has a heart for helping people get where they want to go personally and professionally.

Mariecor Agravante, CVDC

California and Nationwide, Complimentary 30-minute session



The Personal Advancement Group

The Personal Advancement Group educates and inspires individuals navigating a challenging life transition, person or professional. Our mission is to serve other and open new pathways for greater success in all areas of life.


(661) 209-2172
Front Row Performance Coaching (FRPC)

Neal Henderson, a Navy Master Chief (retired), and Certified Success Coach, builds bridges between Employers and transitioning Military Veterans. Serving the Mid-Atlantic area, Neal guides transitioning Military Veterans and/or their family members to explore their skill sets, then create a career map for their life’s journey. Complimentary 1 hour coaching experience.

(703) 642-2735
Nabors Coaching Group, LLC

Tricia Nabors, CVDC, Offering a complimentary 30 minute session - serving the Lancaster, PA area.

(717) 799.5343
Destinee Prete

Destinee Prete (CVDC), currently living in the Fort Belvoir, VA/DC Metro area, understands the challenge of veteran transition and development as she - grew up an Army ‘brat’, is an Army Veteran, an Army spouse, worked as a career counselor for the SFL-TAP program for the Army and is now a Master Trainer for the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) VA benefits advisors. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and focusing her studies on Veterans research.

(813) 817-5698
Jason Flaugh

Serving California

(858) 621-3246
Intelligent Leader Solutions, LLC

Michael Jenkins, President & Executive Partner: Board Certified Coach, US Navy Veteran, Serving California

(877) 630-4775
Cynthia Sward

Cynthia’s individualized coaching approach assists clients maximize their potential with a practical focus on mindset, interpersonal relationship abilities and context specific actions and behaviors. Complimentary 20-minute coaching call available – bring a question you want to focus on.

Judith Ingalls – The Coach Approach, LLC

As a personal and business coach, my mission is to encourage individuals to step out and pursue their dreams, engage them in the exciting process of developing their full personal and professional potential, and celebrate their success with them as they achieve their goals. Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality!

Donna M. Stephens

Donna M. Stephens is a Board Certified Life Coach in Davis, CA. Drawing from her counseling experience, she is skilled in supporting a client's desire to move forward with the knowledge and understanding of a professional coaching interaction. She has earned a certificate of completion through the Hawk Eye Coach Training program. Ms. Stephens sees this as an opportunity to give back to so many who were willing to support us at home.


Ashely Gonzalez

Ashley Gonzalez is a certified transition coach. He assists Veterans in branding, goal setting and career management as they transition into new careers.

Chris Hoffmann

Chris Hoffmann, (CVDC)  is a United States Marine Veteran turned trainer and coach, who has spent the past four years in his own transition and learning what it takes to bring the high standards of the military into civilian life. He leads leadership programs for a international personal/professional development company called Landmark Worldwide and is proud to announce with Hawk Eye's partnership the new project of his own company which exist to teach ambitious transitioning Veterans on how  to live a passionate, purposeful, and high performing civilian life. "United we rise. Together we succeed."

Cleve Arrington, MBA, PMP, CVDC

Serving DC, MD, and VA (DMV) locations

Airial W. Dandridge & The Veteran Woman, LLC

Airial is an Army Veteran, Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) and Founder of The Veteran Woman, LLC. Airial has a coaching style that is solution-focused, transformational and comprehensive. Her passion is to help others unveil the hope that has been hidden by anxiety, depression and PTSD and help find passion, purpose and pleasure in life once again.

785) 340-5184
Leia Francisco, M.A., CCE Board Certified Coach (Leia Francisco Associates)

Deep background in career and life transitions (coach/trainer, author), maximizing personal strengths and customized strategies. My familiarity with military life enhances working with veterans and their families. Work by phone and Skype. Free 30-minute introductory consultation.

830.285.0139 / Skype: leiafrancisco2
Danielle Holloway, CLMC, CVDC

Danielle Holloway is a Career Navigator with Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. She is a Certified Life Map Coach and Certified Veteran Development Coach. She assists Veterans and their families with digital skills training and pathway support.

dbk Associates

dbkAssociates is home to Executive Leader Coach and has been providing leadership coaching for more than a decade. We are dedicated to creating a better world one leader at a time.

Autumn McClenaghan, Career 1125

Career 1125 provides Career Coaching, Resume Review, Professional Online Presence Review, and Higher Education Navigation services to various client types including veterans.

THINK BlueRio  & Coaches for Veterans

BlueRio Strategies is the founder of Coaches For Veterans and the Hawk Eye Coaching System, the United State’s First CCE board-approved provider to train coaches specifically for veteran development work.  Complimentary 20 minute coaching introduction call – no other purchase necessary