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“The hawk wants us to be very keenly aware of our own power and the power we have over others. It also represents the need to have and hold a higher vision – not overlooking important details but also striving to see and achieve the bigger picture.”

What is the Hawk Eye Process?

It’s about empowering, inspiring and growing!  Hawks bring insight, vision and support to those around them. They soar above those whose brilliance attracts. 

While it is not really simple – It is REALLY powerful. The Hawk Eye process unlocks people’s potential. Practitioners remove barriers to success while uncovering hidden strengths so that people can move their visions from dreams to reality.

The Hawk Eye Coaching process grounded in BlueRio Strategies’ IA Coaching Model©,  utilizes theories and practical applications stemming from strength-based development, positive psychology, Interpersonal neurobiology as well as branding and knowledge of personal and professional transitions, to assist in uncovering a veteran’s best possible self.

This way the veteran (reservist, spouse, partner) has the confidence and the tools to reintegrate into the civilian world in a healthy, positive and productive manner. More than just coaching around fears and dreams, the Hawk Eye process inspires the coach to work with clients to develop strategic career and life plans for the next chapters of their lives. These methods may also be used for other people dealing with any professional transitions, career management or life change.


BlueRio’s Hawk Eye Coaching™ has two channels – one is the actual career and development coaching for active-duty, reservists, veterans, spouses and partners. The other is a training channel that educates people about the coaching process (Track B) as well as certifies them (Track A)  to become Certified Veteran Development Coaches (CVDC) specializing in veteran transition, life and career mapping.


The methodology and steps follow established theory and protocols for personal and professional development coaching. As with many coaching engagements, these steps are provided as guidelines. Coaching is a dynamic and fluid development process.  Keeping that in mind, there are some basic initial parameters to follow when beginning or initiating a coaching engagement.

The Hawk Eye process does include a coaching model that has three phases and six steps.  BlueRio’s Foundational IA© model. (Inquiry Into Accountability) These stem from the intention to create sound, strategic and sustainable platforms for growth and development.



  • IA: Inquire & Acknowledge
  • AI: Assess & Initiate
  • IA: Implement & instill Accountability

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