No-Fee Military to Civilian Transition Coaching


BlueRio Coach Training Students and Graduates are held in high-esteem. They come from varied backgrounds, Corporate America, Higher-Education, Federal Government, Nonprofits AND the military just to name a few. The training is intense and recognized by many respected organizations. So what are you waiting for?  Slots are limited – apply now to be paired up with a Life Map or a Veteran Development coach. Coaching is confidential, private and empowering.


People often remark that having experienced career coaching or leadership coaching is like having someone who totally gets them, who is in their corner and who is not afraid to tell them the truth – tell them the truth in a way that allows them to move forward. Coaching offers so many benefits: career clarity, confidence, tools to self-promote in authentic and meaningful ways – tools to manage life with hope, focus and velocity. Coaching is also a private experience with someone who “has your back.”


“I was focusing on jobs that I was either overqualified for, or not interested in, and getting wrapped around the axle, so to speak, when I didn’t hear back on them. I was also having difficulty with translating my skills and abilities in a way that employers would understand and appreciate. Jessi [the coach] helped me see the value I could bring to a potential employer, and also to overcome some of the negative self-talk I was engaging in. US Air Force Veteran

Our students and graduates are dedicated, smart and many are veterans as well! The training they get is extensive, intensive, and has been in the past acknowledged by Portland State, The Human Resource Certification Institute International Society for Performance Improvement, Center for Credentialing & Education and more.


 “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached. After spending 10 years in the military, I left with  no confidence in myself or my future in the civilian world.  Coaching helped me define my strengths, skills and goals.. I figured out a college major, improved resume and LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, and chose a career field.” US Navy Veteran

To apply for a pro-bono coaching slot, visit this link. It will open a new window/tab.