Train and build your skills in inspiring and empowering methods that bring out the best in others. *

I really enjoyed the learning in this course. As a veteran, I am aware of many of the different emotions we undergo when we transition. However, listening to the coaching sessions helped put everything back into perspective. I valued the material and learned different coach technique that can add value to my Coaching Practice.” JD

Non-Certification Training: For counselors, trainers, nonprofit professionals, human resource professional and more! 15+ hours of learning. Based on the flagship full Certification Course – (track A) USA’s first robust training program for civilians and veterans to use coaching for career transition and veteran transition.

  • Have you wanted to learn more about the benefits of coaching as an inspiring and effective development tool?
  • Would you like to have training that is focused on serving veterans?
  • Do you prefer self-paced, online learning and no live classes to attend?


If you answer yes to either of the above questions and you do NOT want to become certified as a coach, enroll in this track. You can come from any field – however the most common professionals who use coaching as a tool in their toolbox and would benefit from Track B are:


  • Nonprofit executives
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs ( military friendly companies)
  • Trainers
  • Recruiters (corporate/college)
  • School counselors
  • Human resource professionals
  • Change agents
  • Veterans
  • Military Spouses/Partners

(The above may serve the military sector or may be interested in serving this sector)


A recent graduate of Track B said  of Hawk Eye…

“Phenomenal and comprehensive program directed at understanding the military mindset and culture, applying the coaching model to veterans and their families, and providing the tools for a thorough and quality coaching outcome.” PAP


Certificate of Completion Training Track B: (Self-paced Home Study Course)

This track will be undergoing a “face-lift” just as the Track A and Track C. Stay tuned for more information.

The entire program is delivered on-line, allowing you to access the course from practically anywhere. Your lessons will be available as a modified version of the full certification track which includes readings, videos, audio and several exam – all accessed via a private website.

 Key Benefits of Track B:

  • Access to approximately 15 hours worth of training
  • One Style Matters Conflict Mode Assessment and Report
  • Access to Private Coach Corner Upon Completion(A site where prior students connect and share insights)
  • Certificate for completing the training specializing in veteran transition, life-mapping and career management


What else do you need to know about Track B versus other Tracks?

You will need a computer with internet access for the online/private website portion.

You learn from accessing an online, 100% self-paced course which is comprised of readings, videos and audio assignments.  Once enrolled you have up to six months to complete your course and earn your certificate.


More Benefits: 

  • Develop heightened problem-solving skills
  • Improve self-awareness and leadership abilities
  • Cultivate and innovative coaching strategies, and refine personal styles
  • Develop career management tools
  • Access sample templates for coaching clients
  • Develop leadership and development skills to help people in career, college and life management.
  • Understand conflict-management and communication modes
  • Use insight to offer services in many communities for under-served population

Sample of lesson topics: (This is NOT a complete list of sessions)

  • How to establish foundation for coaching
  • Understanding and clarifying obstacles client may face in coaching
  • Developing coaching plans (basic intro)
  • Understanding and Utilizing IPNB-based thinking: (basic intro)
  • Ethics  for coaches
  • Review/exploration of general fears/concerns about the transition process
  • The difference between coaching and counseling and referring veterans to proper support
  • Theories of motivation – engagement- accessing clients’ strengths
  • Empowering phrases and questions for coaches to use.
  • Helping to determine client’s visions, values, missions/purpose
  • Goal setting and assessment of client’s state throughout process
  • Overview of personal branding
  • Career Choice and Resource Support
  • Basic overview of resumes/cover letters

Price when opened again is $247 per enrollment

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