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Mindful and Innovative, Military Transition, Life-Mapping and Career Management Training

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BlueRio Strategies is unique in its services and offers HIGH-CALIBER training. The current programs train individuals (civilians and military) through a robust curriculum, empowering them to help veterans, reservists, guardsmen and their families successfully manage transitioning from the military to the civilian sector. Some refer to this type of coaching as transition coaching, life coaching or even as a veteran career readiness coaching. The training offers the foundation for graduates to assume of these roles at varying levels.

BlueRio’s process is based in the latest brain-science, positive and strength-based strategies. While it focuses on veterans as the coaches’ main clientele, the program offers tools and strategies for collaborating and supporting virtually anyone who is in a career transition or seeking career and life management assistance.


NEWS: Track A has been approved to be delivered as a hybrid of online and on-site education through the Fall of 2017
All tracks are undergoing a facelift with the following:  Based off the initial Flagship Hawk Eye program, curriculuum will be updated to reflect current state of affairs and will also focus more on Life Mapping  -Specializing in transition and development for service members, veterans and their families.

  • Track A2018, 60 hours. Tuition will be $1300 for e-learning (military discounts available and limited scholarships – courses like this – BCC-approved are valued at $1900 – 3000 – yet due to the nature of who enrolls and who graduates serve, for the next cohort we are REDUCING the fee to $1300. )
  • Track B – 2017 – Available late August – Early September ($245 -military discounts available and limited scholarships)
  • Track C: 2017 –  (Available late August – early September 27 CEUS for $351 or 35 CEUS for $455.  Military discounts….)

***Beginning in 2018 a new name with a sightly modified focus: BlueRio’s Life Mapping Coach Training -Specializing in transition and development for service members, veterans and their families. Graduates will earn a CLMC – Certified Life Mapping Coach designation and will have the option to retain the CVDC as well.

Stay tuned.

BlueRio’s Hawk Eye is recognized by the following organizations:

  • CCE for its BCC ( Board Certified Coach designation – 2012 – present)
  • HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute 2012 – present)
  • Portland State (2013 – 2014, 2016 graduate and undergraduate credits)

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