TRACK A – Coach Certification Training

The best educational experiences I have ever had. I feel lucky to have been part of the Hawk Eye training. Jessi is a wonderful instructor. I am truly grateful to have been part of this learning experience. KW- Cohort 14 – CVDC

USA's First Veteran-Focused Coach Certification ProgramTake your career and personal purpose to the next level. Become a Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) specializing in veteran transition, life mapping and career development.

Cohort 15 was the LAST Virtual Training in 2017. ***Beginning in 2018 we will present this program with a new name with a sightly modified focus: BlueRio’s Certified Life Mapping Coach Trainingspecializing in transition and development for service members, veterans and their families. Graduates will earn a CLMC – Certified Life Mapping Coach designation and will have the option to retain the CVDC as well – if they use the capstone specifically for veterans. This is pending BCC Approval. *We also are currently approved to deliver Hawk Eye as a hybrid on-line and onsite program.

BCC Approved, HRCI



Mindful and Innovative, BlueRio’s Hawk Eye Coach Training (Track A) is the USA’a first certification course of its kind  to gain Center For Credentialing and Education (CCE) approval.  This program is about training individuals (civilians and military)  to help veterans, reservists, guardsmen and their families successfully manage the transition from the military to the civilian sector with dignity, purpose and strategy.


Certification Training Track A:

  • Have you considered becoming a professional development or career coach?
  • Do you feel a connection to service members, reservists, military families or veterans?
  • Do you want to earn a full coach certification that is approved as training for you to have the option to eventually become a CCE-Board-Certified coach?


If you answer yes to the above then please read more below.

The entire program is delivered on-line, allowing you to access the course from practically anywhere. THIS IS AN INTENSIVE COURSE – meaning there is a lot packed into a shorter time-frame. Expect to spend anywhere between 3 – 7 hours per week depending on whether you enroll as a 35-hour or a 60-hour students. Your lessons will be available as a combination of (SIX ) live webinar/teleclass format classes and online lessons (three modules of readings, videos, audio) exams, homework assignments, peer coaching and a discussion area accessed via a private website. Consider this course as a blend of Asynchronous and e-learning with deadlines for scheduled online assignments PLUS scheduled webinar-based learning.

You can come from any field – however the most common professionals who use coaching as a tool in their toolbox and would benefit from BueRio’s Hawk Eye Training in the  Full Certification Program are:

  • Trained Social Workers
  • Career Counselors
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Educators (Higher Education)
  • Veterans/Reservists
  • Military Partners/Spouses


 Key Benefits of Track A:

  • Access to all classes (35 – 60 hours depending on choice, 6 live classes, all virtual)
  • One VAL assessment and Report
  • Training to use the VAL assessment for your own clients or staff
  • One Style Matters Conflict Mode Assessment and Report
  • Three individual coaching sessions with founder (one during the first 45 days, one after 60 days and one at the 90 day mark. – value $450.00)
  • Peer-Coaching Hours
  • Listing in veteran coaching directory
  • Recognition as a Certified Veteran Development Coach specializing in veteran transition, life and career management (e-certificate as well as hard-copy certificate)
  • Develop heightened problem-solving skills
  • Improve self-awareness and leadership abilities
  • Cultivate and innovative coaching strategies, and refine personal styles
  • Develop career management tools
  • Develop leadership and development skills to help people in career, college and life management.
  • HRCI Recertification Credits(31.5)  Credits (Track A)
  • One-on-One coaching with Founder and Board-Certified Coach (Track A)
  • Understand conflict-management and communication modes
  • Use insight to offer services in many communities for under-served populations
  • *Can be used as CE units for CCE-Board Certified Coaches
  • Ability to use hours to apply for credentialing through CCE (35 hours approved, as well as 60 hours ) Note: Both the 35 hour and the 60 hour result in Full Certification as a coach – when all requirements are met. The curriculum is almost the same the 60 hour version has more homework and more demands for proof of coaching hours.
  • Earning the BCC is NOT required to become a Certified Coach. This is an additional level of distinction and recommended only for those who either are or plan to conduct coaching at least 50% of more of their time and want to ensure proper credentialing in the event that the field of coaching becomes regulated. This additional credential is offered via the Center for Credentialing & Education – not through BlueRio. BlueRio is however an approved provider of training for those who wish to earn their BCC.  ***Visit their site for more information)
• Participants who enroll in a BCC-Approved course have unlimited time before they can apply for the credential. As a practical matter, once participants apply for the BCC, there is a 3-year window in which their application remains active.
The amount of training required is based on the applicant’s highest level of education at the time they apply. To qualify using a 60-hour program, the applicant would have to have the masters in a social/behavioral science at the time they applied. (This covers a wide array of majors) Detailed Requirements to Earn the BCC Credential may be found here:


Every few years, the ICF (International Coach Federation), via PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, administers a global study of coaches worldwide (including non-ICF members), the results offer a snapshot of where the profession of coaching is, right now, and what the future of coaching may be.


  • Over 15,000 respondents, from 137 countries, took the survey
  • The ICF estimates there are over 50,000 professional coaches, worldwide
  • Coaching earns over $2 Billion per year in US Dollars.

So What do Coaches Earn?

  • Income varies widely – many factors include type of coaching, experience, location etc.…
  • Globally, coaches average $51,000 per year USD.
  • The highest earners are in Oceania ($73,000+), followed by N. America (almost $62,000), and W. Europe ($55,000+).
  • Lowest earnings are in E. Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean ($18,000+ – $27,000+).
  • Most coaches (75%) expect their annual income to increase in the near future
  • Some coaches (45%) expect their fees to increase in the near future


  •  99% of professional coaches have coach-specific training
  • 81% have studied in an accredited or approved program (BlueRio and Hawk Collaborative offer two Center for Credentialing and Education, BCC-Approved programs. BlueRio’s Hawk Eye and Lead and Thrive
  • Over two-thirds have completed at least 125 approved/accredited hours of coach training.
  • 77% say their clients expect coaches to be certified.
  • 44% say the biggest obstacle to the coaching profession is untrained individuals who call themselves, coaches.

Each Cohort attends a live virtual panel of experts.  View this coming cohort’s panel and the last few guests’ Bios  here: Military-Connected Panelists



What else do you need to know about Track A versus other Tracks?


You will need a computer with internet access for the online/private website portion. A computer with speakers, a microphone and high-speed internet is needed for the live webinar portions.

You get  ***35/60+ hours of training end education – that includes the live, webinar style classes. You MUST attend at least 3 of the webinar/teleclasses. The remaining training hours are earned through online, partly self-paced readings, videos and audio assignments and peer coaching. 

Classes are intimate in size, usually averaging 7 – 10 students, although each session varies and there is a minimum of 5 enrolled students per cohort and a maximum of 25 during one cohort.  It is an intensive, rigorous program that moves VERY quickly. All students are expected to actively contribute to online discussions (weekly.)  While the understanding is that all students will complete on time – exceptions will be made for special circumstances for students to finish in the next session. Requests for extensions must be made directly to the lead instructor. Any student needing more than 2 cohorts to complete may incur a small additional maintenance fee.

Most students earn their certification in approximately  9 weeks for the 35 hours, and those enrolling under the 60 hours are expected to earn their certification in 10 – 12 weeks. As stated before, expect to dedicate at least 3 -5 hours per week minimum towards the learning as a 35 hour student and 5 – 7 hours per week as a 60 hour student while enrolled.

PLEASE READ REQUIREMENTS OF THIS COURSE BEFORE ENROLLING – Earning the CVDC is an esteemed distinction – this course is rich with information intended to provide the highest quality coaches to serve our veterans and military-connected community.

Live Classes run approximately 120 minutes long unless otherwise noted.



Track A – 35 hours = $1100

Track A – 60 hours = $1400

NOTE – new check out system – which gives you the option of Pay Pal or paying through Brain-Tree (non-Paypal) -when you finalize your payment be sure to look for and click on: “Click to complete the registration for [whichever track you purchased)

*inquire about non-profit or military-related discounts.


Cohort 15 will open in April 21st and close July 21st, 2017

NOTE: Cohort 15 will be the last time this course will be offered as a 35-hour course and the last time the course is offered as 100% e-learning for the 2017 calendar year. The next cohort we will only offer 60 hours.  Cohort 15 will offer both 35 and 60 hours of training. 

LIVE CLASSES: (These are all virtual webinar/teleclass & MOST are on Tuesday evenings from 4:00 -6:00pm EDT unless otherwise noted)

  • May 2: Intro to Technology + Coaching Conversations Part 1
  • May 9: Military Panel + Military Mindset as it Pertains to Transition
  • May 23: Integrated Brain/Mind
  • June 6: Coaching Conversations Part 2
  • June 27: Careers and Life Planning
  • 8/21/17 – Portal Closes

Dates and times are subject to change with AMPLE notice

Price: $935.00
Hawk Eye Cohort 15 – 35 hrs DISCOUNT FOR PAYING IN FULL: $935

Take your career and personal purpose to the next level. Become a Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) specializing in veteran transition, life and career mapping.

Mindful and Innovative, Hawk Eye Coach Training (Track A) – 35 hours – Cohort 15 Price: $935.00 Qty:


Hawk Eye Cohort 15 – 60 hrs (prepaid)
Price: $1,190.00

Hawk Eye Cohort 15 – 60 hrs DISCOUNT FOR PAYING IN FULL: $1190

Take your career and personal purpose to the next level. Become a Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) specializing in veteran transition, life and career mapping.

Mindful and Innovative, Hawk Eye Coach Training (Track A) – 60 hours – Cohort 15
Price: $1,190.00



Mindful and Innovative, Hawk Eye Coach Training (Track A) – 35 hours – Cohort 15- partial payment (scroll slightly down and use Add to Cart button to pay for your first of three installments.)
Price: $366.66 Qty:


Mindful and Innovative, Hawk Eye Coach Training (Track A) – 60 hours – Cohort 15- partial payment. (scroll slightly down and use Add to Cart button to pay for your first of three installments.)
Price: $466.66



 The technology for ALL tracks includes an on-line portal called MyPowerSchool:




The course is broken down into 3 modules plus a bonus module. Each module has 2 parts (A & B). Students are expected to visit the private website for their course weekly. Most modules take approximately two – two and half weeks to finish.

Module 1 A &B Overview:

  • BlueRio’s Foundational IA© model & the Hawk Eye Process
  • Foundations for Coaching
  • Ethics
  • Brain Functions/Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Military/Veteran Experience
  • Basic Understanding of PTSD/TBI

Module 2 A & B Overview:

  • Models of Motivation and Change
  • Emotional Discovery
  • Communications And Conflict Management

Module 3 A & B Overview:

  • Assessments (VAL/Style Matters/Interest)
  • Coaching Plans
  • Personal Branding and Career Discovery
  • Career Planning
  • Veteran Resources
  • Resumes
  • Interviewing

Sample of lesson topics: (This is NOT a complete list of sessions)

  • Hawk Eye Coaching Process
  • Ethical Considerations for Coaching Individuals: How to establish foundation for coaching
  • Understanding and clarifying obstacles client may face in coaching
  • Developing coaching plans (basic intro)
  • Understanding and Utilizing IPNB-based thinking: (basic intro)
  • Building resonance and attunement with clients
  • Ethics and laws for coaches
  • Review/exploration of general fears/concerns about the transition process
  • Facts versus fiction how to help veteran navigate the reality of the transition landscape
  • Important Issues with spouses and partners
  • The difference between coaching and counseling and referring vets to proper support.
  • Theories of motivation – engagement- accessing clients’ strengths
  • Basic overview of interpersonal communication
  • Empowering phrases and questions for coaches to use.
  • Communication in conflicts
  • Assessing clients strengths (various online assessment choices)
  • Helping to determine client’s visions, values, missions/purpose
  • Goal setting and assessment of client’s state throughout process
  • Overview of personal branding/brand-centered sustainability
  • Career Choice and Resource Support
  • Basic overview of resumes/cover letters
  • Social networking/social media
  • Understanding organizational roles that veteran may explore

While live classes are recorded, attendance is HIGHLY encouraged and each student MUST attend at least 3/6 live classes. (this is virtual – meaning by phone or computer.)




I realize you may have questions about this training program. Please email me with ANY questions you may have – or look under the menu at the top of the page (That says training details ) with links to the right of the page to more information on the program.





COST OF ENTIRE PROGRAM ( Track A): If you intend to eventually sit for the BCC exam, please check their requirements before choosing 35 or 60 hours. (BCC credential is NOT required to become a CVDC.)

$1100 for 35 hours
$1400 for 60 hours

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15% discount for paying in full.





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