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We are proud to support service members, their partners, spouses, even employers for 6+ years. The founder, Jessi LaCosta is embarking on a deep leadership development project and will not be taking on new veteran transition clients at this time. Please consider searching through our directory for quality coaches here who specialize in transition, life and career coaching for veterans and their families by clicking FIND A COACH.


This site is dedicated to coaching veterans, reservists, military spouses and partners. As the Chief Strategist of THINK BlueRio (formerly BlueRio Strategies,) I realized that the military community needed specific, focused and supportive solutions for helping its community manage career transitions and reintegration issues. 

Coaching is an empowering, reflective and results-focused strategy that brings about desired changes. It is a powerful tool that has proven to help service members to live purposeful and productive lives.

If you want to learn about  training to become a Certified Coach through BCC-Approved training, please  Clicking this LINK

Coaches for Veterans shares a modified mission of BlueRio:

To transform lives of US service members, their spouses, partners and families by empowering them to build healthy, effective and sustainable platforms for personal and professional success.



To gain clarity around your life’s purpose

To brainstorm with a trusted source

To tap into inner-strengths

To become more productive

To feel better about your choices

To take your career and your life to the next level

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FOUNDER: Jessi LaCosta

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